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AC800 - System Application AC Drive
AC Drives
32-bit Infineon Processor
High performance AC motor control algorithm. V/F control/ high performance sensor-less vector control / high performance closed loop control. Share a same board, panel, and software with DC 790P.
AC800 - System Application AC DriveAC Drives
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Infineon Tricore Frame Series Processor
High performance DSP+RISC+MCU Tricore  architecture processor;
High speed calculation, built-in floating-point unit, optimized execution efficiency;
Current loop routines executed within 30us.


New keypad interface and PC software

Supports: English, Chinese and Italian Languages

LCD panel, friendly human-machine interface easier

for commissioning and diagnostic.

Support parameter upload & download and remote control


Various communication interfaces and intelligent extensible module design

Communication support: Profibus, Canbus, Can-open, Anybus, Ethernet, Modbus (RS485,RS232); coming soon Ethercat
Incremental encoder: Sin/cos encoder, Tachometer feedback interface.

Technical Specification


Item specifications


Rated output voltage

 3 phase400V/480Vproportional to input voltage

Output frequency


Input voltage/frequency

3 phase: 400V/480V50Hz/60Hz

Allowable voltage fluctuation

voltage340V520Vvoltage imbalance rate:<3%;

Allowable frequency fluctuation

Frequency imbalance rate<±5

Running command channel

Operator panel, control terminals, communications, and can switch by different ways,

Frequency reference channel

Digital, analog, communication, AUX-frequency, can switch over between these sources.

Control mode

Open-loop vector, close-loop vector, open VF, close VF, AFE

Speed range

1200open-loop vector),15000close loop vectorservo

Start torque

0Hz 150 rated torqueopen loop vector),0Hz 200 rated torqueclose loop vector

Frequency resolution

Digital command: ±0.01%; analog command: maximum frequency× 0.2%Hz

Running speed steady-state accuracy

≤±0.5rated sync speedopen loop vector, ≤±0.05rated sync speedclose loop vector

Speed fluctuation

≤±0.5rated sync speedopen loop vector,≤±0.2rated sync speedclose loop vector

Overload capacity

G type150rated current for 2 minutes, 200% rated current for 0.5 second

Torque boost

Automatically or manually

Speed up/down curve

Line speed up/down, s-curve speed up/down; 4 speed up/down times, time unit(hour or minute), max 60 hours

Automatic voltage regulatorAVR

Automatically maintain a constant output voltage when the input line voltage changes


Overload, over current, over voltage, short-circuit, speed loss, over temperature etc.

Built-in Function     

Multi-function input

Include 8 digital input terminals (DI1-DI8), can achieve: drive enable, speed enable, differential input enable, analog input enable, jog enable, torque enable, AUX-PID enable, motor-driven potentiometer, 2 motor parameters option, external fault etc.


Multi-function output


Include 6 digital output terminals (DO1-DO6), can achieve: drive ok, fault indication, running indication, frequency detection, minimum speed indication, drive overload, speed up/down finish, overcurrent indication, internal comparator output etc.

Built-in function blocks

Built-in lots of function block: separate setting multiply/divide blocks, differential block, normalize block, speed-position conversion block, switch block, summation block, absolute block, minimum speed block, slack-tackup block, digital potentiometer block, comparator block, non-linear gain block, digital filter block, Aux-PID block, float block. 


LCD panel

128*64 dot matrix LCD display, Chinese/English language option

Parameters copy function

Setting frequency reference quickly, local or remote mode.

Plug and play

PC monitor

Both Chinese and English PC software, powerful oscilloscope function, multi-channel data recording and waveform display. Support parameter copy and download.




Powerful network communication capability, built-in 2 RS485 series interface (standard Modbus protocol), support external optional profi-bus, device-net interface card, 2 built-in Can bus interface (support Can-open protocol).

Expansion Function


support external optional profibus, device-net interface card


Built-in one standard encoder feedback interface, support another external optional encoder feedback card.


Built-in four 0-10V analog inputs and two 0-10V analog outputs; By expansion card, can achieve two 0-20mA (or 4-20mA) analog input channels, and two 0-20mA (or4-20mA) analog output channels.

Relay output

2 groups of expansive relay output, each include 1 NC and 1NO contact. Electrical specification:  AC250V/2.5ADC24V/5A

External 24V control power

When main power supply is disconnected to AC800, customer can input an external 24V control power supply to M1 terminal to power on AC800 control board and LCD panel. After control parameters are set and tested correctly, switch the main power on and run the motor. This is more convenient and safe for customers. However, our standard version has no this function. If this function is required, need optional expansion board. Refer to F2,7.

Safe torque off (STO)

Through expansion boards, AC800 can have 2 separated STO control channels in hardware circuits. Any one is not shielded, torque is safely turned off. The STO function is implemented in hardware; it overrides all software activities. The only software involvement is to report STO status to user via an MMI, series interface or user terminal on the AC800 STO expansion board. Refer to F2.7.

Active front end


Detect synchronous signal AFE function need. AT AC800 AFE control mode, can achieve a PWM rectifier or a grid tie inverter with nearly 1.0 power factor and input perfect non-harmonic sine current.


Power line length

Less than 100m

Wiring terminal

Main power terminal: standard;   control terminalspluggable

Installation location

Indoor, free from sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt.


Less than 1000m, de-rated when higher than 1000m, 10% per 1000m

Ambient temperature

10℃~+40de-rated when used in 40℃~50,)


5%95RH, no dew and no hydrosphere


Less than5.9m/s2  (0.6g)

Storage temperature


Pollution degree


Power distribution



IP level


Cooling type

Forced air coolingDC fan

Brake Unit

Built-in brake unit for 15kW and below power size; optional for above 15kW size.

Installation Type

Wall hanging type, hanging or cabinet type for above 110kW


≥93% for <=45kW power size≥95% for >=55kW power size


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  • 急停时不报警,但是当正常停止时就会出现“短路故障”
  • 运行过程中突然减速、停机
    答:检查外使能端子 运行端子24V电源是否正常。
  • 电流设置最大,速度依然上不去
    答:1 将速度环比例增益调高,设置积分时间。2 检查机械部分。
  • 调速器高速状态电流波动大,无法稳定
    答:1 检查基本参数,调节速度环比例增益。2 更改反馈方式,如将电枢电压反馈改为测速发电机反馈。3 做自整定。
  • 控制面板屏幕不显示,或卡在ETD的画面不动
    答:1 重新插一下排线。2 更换电源触发板上另一个插孔。3 不使用接线,将面板直接插上。4 联系厂家检修主板。
  • 模拟量输出端子无电压输出
    答:1 对照说明书接线图检查接线,重点查看0V线、10V线、和模拟量线是否存在接错或错位的情况。2 检查模拟量输出组态参数。3 联系厂家检修主控板。
  • 自整定长时间未结束
    答:【原因分析】参数设置不当。【解决方案】请确定自整定命令为 10 “整定电阻 电感 同步”。
  • 调速器启动出现“过电压”
    答:1 检查线电压设置参数“1000 最大线电压设置”。2 联系厂家检修主控板。
  • 调速器运行过程中出现“励磁电流过大”
    答:1 使用电流表检测真实的励磁电流是否和调速器显示的励磁电流一致。2 检查电机励磁电流设置是否与电机额定励磁一致。3 考虑电机励磁线
  • 调速器启动出现“导通角过大”
    答:1 将调速器主控板和电源触发板之间的连线重新接插。2 初始化参数,重新设置基本参数。设置完毕后,重新做自整定。3 联系厂家检修主控板。
  • 出现“温度过高”报警
    答:1 检查电机是否正确接线,风机是否正常运行。2 将控制器上的热敏电阻重新插一下。
  • 如何选择合适的变频器型号?
    答:ETD共有3个系列的变频器:①AC800高性能系统应用变频器②AC780通用矢量变频器③iDrive系列多用途调速器您可以点击此处http: www etddrives
  • 电机在高速运行状态下没有输出转矩
    答:这种现象主要原因是电机在高速状态下进入弱磁控制所导致的。可以调整参数102_7弱磁Vq1,参数102_8弱磁Vq2, 参数102_9弱磁转速2来修正电机在
  • 电机在速度反向或速度阶跃加速时突然停止,以及在低速情况下处于失控状态


  • ETD AC800 Brochure
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